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DataWeb is the industry's leading Hosted Rapid Application Development  platform offering developers an unmatched combination of speed, agility, and cost effectiveness.     

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 wsNewResponsiveUI | Post Review Type:Module
Downloads: 124
Price: Free
The New Responsive UI is a small HotBlock module which supports the HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS and Jquery based code. More...
 Feedback Form | Type:Module
Downloads: 342
Price: Free
A small modules that allows builders to add a feedback form to application with email notifications More...
 HTML5HotBlock | Post Review Type:Module
Downloads: 150
Price: Free
A small module for HTML5 Responsive Feedback Form. More...
 Simple Content Manager | Type:Module
Downloads: 776
Price: Free
Write, manage, and publish your content quickly and easily with this simple content manager. More...
 Script Scheduling Tool | Type:Module
Downloads: 643
Price: Free
This module automates the process of running scripts at regular intervals. Use it to automate repetitive tasks like emailed More...
 Calendar | Type:Module
Downloads: 945
Price: Free
Publish a calendar of events, schedule appointments, and track your time with this multi-function calendar. More...
 Contact Manager | Type:Module
Downloads: 567
Price: Free
The contact manager turns your existing AddressBook into a full contact manager with more information for each person and new More...
 Full Text Search | Type:Module
Downloads: 850
Price: Free
The search module makes it easy to add full-text search capability to your application. More...
 Simple Document Library | Type:Module
Downloads: 489
Price: Free
The document library provides a simple online file-sharing system. More...
 Discussion Board | Type:Module
Downloads: 663
Price: Free
A full-featured discussion board, similar to that found in our support area. More...
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