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 wsNewResponsiveUI | Post Review

   Description:The New Responsive UI is a small HotBlock module which supports the HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS and Jquery based code to create responsive application which are supported on iOS and Android phones. This topic explains how you can make responsive application in DataWeb framework. Once you have installed this module in your application and follow the steps given below, you can make Home (default.view), Log-In, SignUp, Reset Password, Thankyou, Set Username and Password (Register), NoExist and Access Denied Pages responsive for your application using HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS and Jquery code. It is easy to add to any application for testing HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS and Jquery code.

   Website URL:

   Category: Developer Tools
   Current Version:1.0
   Previous Versions:None
   Last Update:14 Feb 2019

   Browser Support:Chrome 60.x and above
Internet Explorer 11.x and above



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