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 Feedback Form |

   Description:The Feedback Form is a small module I wrote for my own application, to use while testing it.  It makes it fairly easy to add a small form to any page for users to share comments, questions, bugs or other information.  Once information is submitted, staff is informed of the feedback through an automated email.  This is a first version for internal use, and anyone is more than welcome to make upgrades to it.

   Website URL:

   Category: Collaboration
   Current Version:1.1
   Previous Versions:1
   Last Update:31 Jan 2019

   Browser Support:Chrome 60.x and above
Internet Explorer 11.x and above



User Comments:

| Anonymous, 14 Nov 2015
I LOVED THE PICTURES! Everytime I go you just keep producing bteter and bteter portraits! It worth the ten hour drive for these amazing shots of my son! THANK YOU

| Anonymous, 19 Nov 2015
My son is just winding up his last<a href=""> mnohts</a> of his year in Europe and he remarks on this very fact, over and over. In fact, when he was home at Christmas and he and I were out to dinner, after the table was cleared and we'd talked a while, I said  let's go.  He look embarrassed and shocked, and said,  did I offend you?  I had no idea what he meant, and when we got outside he said he was so used to these 2 or 2 and a half hour lunches or dinners, where conversation is everything and everyone lingers. He wasn't being pretentious he has just lived that way for<a href=""> mnohts</a> in Paris, and he forgot about American  turnover  of tables and the fact that things are different here.There is so much to be said for the European way .

| Anonymous, 20 Nov 2015
Quite true. Judy was doing her year of field work in Sicily in anthropology and had to go back to the apaemtrnt from 1:00 to 4:00 everyday because there was no one outside but tourists  during the lunch hours, during which time the family ate and talked  and rested before going back out to socialize or go back to work. I was in Amalfi looking at a persimmon tree in bloom in a hotel courtyard and heard two English women speaking about how  civilized  it all seemed to break the day in the middle, stop all that busy-ness and translate it into some quality time.  Can't argue with that. [url=]tzcdcpmnlnp[/url] [link=]qhntvlkmggg[/link]

| Anonymous, 22 Nov 2015
Even though Europeans are just as<a href=""> thionelogczed</a> as Americans, they nevertheless take the time to engage in the other important things, like family, self, and time off. Almost all Europeans get and take 30 days off a year, and take the time all at once instead of 1 week at a time. Some Old World seems to make more sense than some of the neurotic behavior we exhibit here in Ulcerville.

| Anonymous, 23 Nov 2015
Hey Sue! Happy Birthday!!!! I kinda remember when I tuernd 50 also.  You look like a __________, and you act like one too  (Come on, Streeters', fill in the blank). And Patti- The poster and flowers sound great, but Sue already has quite a few large animals living about a half mile from her house.-Jim Gilbert [url=]cdlazlzjdno[/url] [link=]iophuusvpyl[/link]

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