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 NorthWWWind | View Sample 

   Description:Northwind on the web! We imported Northwind.mdb to create a HotRAD web application that's a variation on an old favorite.

   Website URL:

   Category: Other
   Current Version:1.1
   Previous Versions:1
   Last Update:02 Nov 2005

   Browser Support:Chrome 60.x and above
Internet Explorer 11.x and above



View Sample 
User Comments:

| anthou1, 06 Dec 2001
This is simply a great demo because everyone who knows Access knows the Northwind example so well. I commend Westside on focusing on this segment of developers because there are so many and we need this kind of sophisticated tool. There are no special "techies" required, just concept to programming to test platform in a short while, a day or two. You can demo this for your clients and they will be blown away at the ability to host on the Net so quickly. No one comes even close to Westside.
Bravo Westside
from: André Thouin
Montreal, Canada

| Anonymous, 11 Dec 2001
myche myche bra !

| Anonymous, 06 May 2004

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