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 Calendar |

   Description:Updated version now available! Publish a calendar of events, schedule appointments, and track your time with this multi-function calendar. Take a look at it working inside the Intranet application here in the Gallery.

   Website URL:

   Category: Productivity
   Current Version:2.02
   Previous Versions:2.01, 2, 1.01, 1
   Last Update:25 Oct 2005

   Browser Support:Chrome 60.x and above
Internet Explorer 11.x and above



User Comments:

| jennifer, 12 Oct 2001
This is pretty cool. It's great to have an organizational tool on the web, it's very convenient. When I think of something important, I can go right to my site. Very cool.

It would be nice to be able to color-code appts and events. Currently it appears that changing the color of one changes the color of all. It's nice to set priority by color.

| Anonymous, 15 Sep 2007
Easy to use...simple.  Did the trick.

| Anonymous, 11 Apr 2015
That saves me. Thanks for being so seblinse!

| Anonymous, 28 Dec 2015
I'm sure Carlo would agree 110% with your observation with Joe. The Europeans seem to live a more relexad (2 hour lunch) lifestyle than we Americans. A little red wine, sausage and cheese and sit in the park, watch the world go by. I think the average American would have a tough time adjusting to that lifestyle . Let's try it anyway, what the heck!!

| Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016
I'm so glad that the <a href="">inertnet</a> allows free info like this!

| Anonymous, 07 Jan 2016
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