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Entry (donít worry youíll do just fine)
You understand the basics of what a data base is; and you can describe the type of application that you plan to build. You may also have a particular interest in the "ready-to-deploy" apps in the DataWeb Gallery; and you are willing to use some of the online help that is available within DataWeb, W3 Schools http://www.w3schools.com/ and other sites. This group includes business people who understand the simple four steps for moving data from an Excel spread sheet or an Access data base that they would like to port to a DataWeb app.
Moderate Level
You understand your business requirements; and you have a solid understanding of data base design, including how to manipulate tables in an application. You have been introduced to HTML and you want to enhance the look of your application by embedding graphics and other navigation features. You are also ready to use the Tips and Tricks ideas that are readily available in HostRAD.
Power User
You have built many applications before; and you understand relational data bases; and you are ready to use java script and SOAP to extend the functionality of your application. Your interest in HostRAD is primarily focused on its rapid development and XML features; and comes from your desire to use sophisticated technology to quickly build applications that are powerful and managed at a professional hosting center.
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